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Web Design Service FAQs

1.What source files do you accept for a template conversion?

We can convert the following source file formats into a Joomla template for you.

  •     Photoshop (PSD)
  •     Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  •     Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  •     Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
  •     JPEG
  •     BMP
  •     HTML design Layout

2.Cross browser compatibility?

The custom design or template conversion will validate according to W3C standards.
We also test the template across the following browsers before we release the design to you.

  •     Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
  •     Firefox 3.5+
  •     Safari 4 & 5
  •     Google Chrome
  •     Opera 10+
  •     Konqueror

3.Will the design be tableless?

During the development phase of the custom design or template conversion we create a number of template over ride files
which are included in the final web design release to remove any tables generated by Joomla

4.How many module positions can the design support?

We can code and style as many module positions as you like into the design for you. You just need to let us know how many

module positions you need and where you would like the module positions to appear within the design.

5.Can I test the template before it is released?

Once we have completed the development of the Joomla template we setup and install the design on a secure Joomla demo

server so you can view and fully test the design running on the Joomla! web site.
During the testing phase you will have the opportunity to request changes to the design before the Joomla template is


6.Can you install the template for me?

Yes we can install the template for you, we will need to following in order to install and setup the design for you.

  •     Your web site address where Joomla is installed
  •     Temporary Joomla! super administrator account so we can install and setup the design
  •     We may also need an FTP account to the web site if you would like us to make additional changes to the design

7.What is included in the final template release?

The template package will include the following

  •     Joomla template zip file which you can install directly via your Joomla content management web site.
  •     Template install guide which provides you with step by step instructions about how to install and setup the design.
  •     The original Photoshop PSD file if you have ordered the custom web design service

Jacarlin first Joomla 2.5 template released

Malaysia Web DesignJacarlin Malaysia Web Design Tour and Travel is a new FREE Joomla template released under the GNU/GPL license. Tour & Travel is a perfect template for any professional or business based website and has a multitude of noteworthy design elements. Tableless CSS layout, 4 module positions as well as cross browser compatibility, head the impressive list of desirable features.We can assist you with making custom changes to the logo, images and colors.

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