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E-Commerce website solution

The world is getting online and you better to hurry to have proper ecommerce solution for your business. Online business has made life convenient and easy. Business start with many idea within and surely you have to face a lot of problems in the beginning. This is adaptive to your nature of acceptance that how you are controlling the situation. This is when the power of idea help you and one of the greatest ideas for your website is Online E-Commerce Solution.

Online world was supported and growth in a great way with the help of E-Commerce Website development. Technology today has maintained a quality measure by which using your website as a business lead gainer is quite usual. E-Commerce is the way for it. Some of the most important points for E-Commerce Solutions are as follows:

1. Brand Identity.

Your page should introduce who you are and what you offer online, so clients know they’ve come to the right place. Your company logo and your corporate colors help them recognize and remember you and feel more comfortable on your site.  

2. Value Proposition.

Why are you better than the others? What unique value do you offer to your customers? Like YouTubes’s “Broadcast Yourself,” your slogan quickly differentiates you from your competitors and should be included proudly on your website.

3. Calls to Action.

Customers are on your site to see what you have to offer, it can be information or goods and services, so make it easy for them to simply reach it. Make your CTAs bold, clear and decisive. “Buy Now” and “Order Here” and “Sign Up Now.” (Test them properly to be sure they work and suit your specific audience.) 

4. Navigation.

In addition to providing a clear map of your site, your navigation section help visitors to route your visitors to become a customer.  Each tab should be the way to conversion.

5. Search Bar.

The search bar should always be in the right and same place so it will be easy to find: in the upper right corner of your website would be perfect. If you can, use auto suggest search to offer items similar to whatever’s being searched. Also, use helpful spell check on search so if someone search for a “camic book” they’ll still see your selection of “comic book” instead of a not find message.

6. Easy-access Shopping Cart.

Your shopping cart should be a feature on your website and all pages, and added product should remain in your shopping cart. So your customer doesn’t have to start add product to cart all over again if she steps off your page temporarily. Almost a quarter of shoppers will leave their cart to come back later, sometimes on a different device, to make the purchase.

7. Free Shipping.

If you offer it, just bold it, for crying out loud. The one of the main reason for shopping cart abandonment is high shipping fees, so tell customers about free shipping. You can also sell them more item with offering the free shipping.

8. Bestsellers.

Bold you’re most popular products, those that showcase your strengths and your hot spot—and show customers why those products are worth to try. Consider highlighting a happy customer to raise trust and keep visitors on your page longer. Makes an attractive widget that leads visitors to a customer testimonial page.

9. Sales and Specials.

Everybody loves a bargain, so put it in right place that can see easily by shoppers. Feature your special deals and on the homepage, and add sales and specials to navigation tab.  Some shoppers go directly to the sale/clearance section when visiting a site.

10. Contact Info.

Putting your location and phone number on your webpage reinforces that you are a trustworthy company. You should also put social media buttons and trust badges, like VerySign, for the same reason. 

Finally about performance and speed

In ecommerce, speed can kills. Or rather, lack of speed could kill your conversation and sales. Can build the perfect website, but if it’s slow to load, nobody will wait to see it. Google recommends that render all of your first-screen content less that two second or less for both desktop and mobile.  It’s a not easy goal: less than 18% of the top 100 online shopping sites load in three seconds or less. That’s because banners, sliders and other java script elements take time to load, so use them purposefully. If they don’t make your customer to move to next step in the purchase process, they are not worth it.


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