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Joomla Security

We understand website security and CMS security. Overall website and online security is of great concern today. Everyday, many websites are either being hacked or become infected with a virus. We provide the following website security services:

  • Perform virus scanning and cleaning services
  • Install and configure Anti Hacker softwares to protect your websites.
  • Upgrade your CMS websites to the latest version to fix the security loopholes.
  • We will install various anti-virus and anti-hacker softwares such as RSfirewall software to protect your Joomla CMS.

We recommend best software for optimum Joomla Web Security. The software has various layers of protections as follows:

Layer 1:

  • Signature-based Detection System - detecting most common hacking behaviours.
  • Surface Scanning, once hacking behaviour is found, the activity and corresponding IP will be banned immediately.

Layer 2:

  • Pattern-based Instruction Detection Systems - blocking all inbound malicious codes and hacking activities, including network-, application-, and operating system-level attacks.

Our specialized protection scans and monitors all URLs, Form Fields, Cookies values. If hacking is found and the Risk Score exceed the secure level, the IP will be banned immediately. If Suspicious Hacking behaviour is found for Form Fields and Cookies hacking, the hacking strings in the Form / Cookies value will be stripped and sanitized. We also have a HTTP BlackList System - this links dynamically to a HTTP blacklist database and blocks access based on network masks or IP addresses. It scans users' IPs- once the IP address is located in the HTTP blacklist, the access will be blocked immediately.

Jacarlin first Joomla 2.5 template released

Malaysia Web DesignJacarlin Malaysia Web Design Tour and Travel is a new FREE Joomla template released under the GNU/GPL license. Tour & Travel is a perfect template for any professional or business based website and has a multitude of noteworthy design elements. Tableless CSS layout, 4 module positions as well as cross browser compatibility, head the impressive list of desirable features.We can assist you with making custom changes to the logo, images and colors.

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