Malaysia web design

If you are looking for a Malaysia web design comapny on the world's most popular CMS Joomla, then you have found the right place for it. We have been developing website solutions based on the Joomla CMS since the birth of Joomla. Our experience and expertise will be enables us to produce superior web design on the Joomla platform faster and more stable.

We are Malaysian web design company that offers you services such as Interactive Web Portal, Web re-design, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design and eCommerce Design, Search Engine Optimization or SEO. With the young, highly motivated and dedicated team of players in this company, we are committed to the highest level of quality to serve our clients better.

The primary goal of our company is client satisfaction. Which means that we must know or learn client needs, goals, timing and expectations by providing them with prompt and professional services that are fairly priced.

In Jacarlin Package, we will create your website based on CMS. CMS (Content Management System) is an application that allowed you to author specific daily content and media for your website without having to learn or consider the underlying technologies or programming languages. In practice, it should be as easy for you to publish to the web as it is writing and saving an MS Word document. It has been developed in-house to be sophisticated, yet totally intuitive. Features include: Text and Image Editors (WYSIWYG Editor), User Admin, Product Catalogue and many more..

Website Features
Content Management
  • You may create as many web pages as you can via user friendly Web editor (like Microsoft Words). The web pages can be divided into different sections and categories.
  • No Web HTML or programming knowledge required!
Product Catalog Features
  • Auto generate catalog pages with product thumbnails.
  • View detailed product information with enlarged photo.
  • Manages an unlimited number of products and categories. Categories can be multi-tier. Able to sort categories display sequence
  • Capable to add multiple Images per product.
  • Capable to define thumbnail creation and image resize sizes.
  • Product Attributes (like Size or Color) can be added to Product.
  • Able to set specific products as Featured Products.
  • Able to add Manufacturer details to each product. Manufacturer can be divided into several categories.
  • Able to set specific products as Featured Products.
  • Enquiry form to let customer enter their enquiry on a specify products.
NEW !!!
SEO Features
  • Site map generator.
  • Search engine friendly URL generator.
  • Customizable page title.
  • Customizable meta tag keywords and description.
  • Autogenerated product title in image ALT.
News Management
  • Allowed admin to add multiple news items to the system, like new announcement, new products launching, anything regarding your company latest development.
Web Links Management
  • Providing link resources for site users is simple and you can sort them into categories, even count every click.
Menu Manager
  • Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. You can structure your menu hierarchy (and nested menu items) completely independent of your content structure.
  • Able to create drop down menu.
Search Features
  • Allowed website visitor to search through your website using a keyword.
Video/Audio Features
  • Able to add/edit/delete video/audio in website.
Picture Gallery Features
  • Able to add/edit/delete picture based on its own category.
Contact Management
  • Display contact information. Able to add unlimited contact info such as multiple branches.
  • Email Us Form that capture visitor name, email, subject and message. The message will send to admin’s email address.
Banner Management
  • It's easy to set up banners on your Web site using the Banner Manager, starting with creating a client profile. Once you add campaigns and as many banners as you need, you can set impression numbers, special URLs, and more.
“Tell Your Friend" Features
  • Allow your visitor to send a message to their friend with a link of your website.



Our Clients

Jacarlin Web Solutions successfully manages the  web sites for global brands in the government, transportation, motorsports, property development, bank, telecommunications, hotels & resorts, petroleum and electronics industries.

Partnering with top clients over the years has inspired Jacarlin Web Solutions to become its own client in the development of proprietary platforms and applications.

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