PSD and HTML to Joomla

Get converted PSD to Joomla in a matter of RM1000. The services we provide are stated below, read the following and contact us to get the good quality work at very reasonable rates.

Are you the one or one of those who are seeking to convert photo shop (PSD) to Joomla in order to easily publish any document on the World Wide Web? If you really want to get PSD converted to JOOMLA then you are very lucky that you have got us. We expertise in converting PSD to Joomla in a matter of few hours, this conversion can help you to assist the internet at a lightening fast speed.

Luckily there are numerous services available at our desks which are really very helpful in converting the PSD into Joomla. The conversion is done by creating a custom template which is basically taking the Photoshop document and converting it to Joomla.

No need to worry if you don’t already have a PSD file. In such situations your idea can be turns into reality and then converted to a part of the versatile software that is Joomla. We will create the Photoshop document and from you we only require the idea.

The coding is done in tableless XHTML or CSS. The pages are also set up in the manner that you won't feel any discomfort in using them. The content existing on your system can also be copied to another device, such as a data traveling one, if you so desire. It is totally up to you.

But most importantly, you will not have to worry about your computer knowledge or software understanding. We will come and fill in for you on the things which you have troubles with while we leave you thrive in the areas in which you are more proficient.

All orders for PSD to Joomla get

  •     XHTML/CSS Valided code
  •     Widgetized sidebars for full customization
  •     Completely SEO Optimized, for Search Engine Rankings
  •     Fatest Turnaround!
  •     Cross browser tested (Internet Explorer 7-8-9 , FireFox, crome etc)
  •     High quality W3C Joomla template
  •     Structured clean code
  •     Pixel-Perfect Hand coding

We also offer customization of Joomla. Every PSD to Joomla conversion order is different in some or other way. So to give a fixed price is not possible. At we start PSD to Joomla conversion orders from min RM1000 onwards. It`s always advisable to send us all details and get quote for any PSD to Joomla project. This makes clear for what price you can expect what all things in project and what is out of scope of project. This avoids misunderstanding and we as well customer is aware of scope of project. If project is simple and straight forward then price would be around RM1000.


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