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How to display the article publish date

 Joomla 1.7 Help – Article Publish Date is not Showing Even though Changed Article Settings

There are 3 places where you can customize the display of the Article Details to show such information as the Category name, Author Name, Create Date, Modify Date, Publish Date, Voting, Print Icon, Email Icon, Number of Hits, and more.  Some of this information is useful to your visitors such as the publish date which you may chose to remain displayed while others remain hidden.    The three places where you can modify the Article parameters are in:

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How to hide modules from registered users

5 Easy Steps Joomla How to Hide Module from Users who are Logged in:

Here is a component that I found extremely helpful to hide modules/menus from users who were logged in.  This free Joomla 1.7 extension is called “MetaMod” and can be found at  I’ve used it extensively in my Joomla websites and it does work.   MetaMod is highly configurable where you can choose to show or hide your Joomla module based on factors such as:

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How to add adsense to joomla 1.7 articles with nurte google adsense

Joomla 1.7 Extensions – It is easy to add Adsense to your Joomla 1.7 website.  This Joomla tutorial applies to any Joomla 1.7 theme you have installed.  I will use my Beez_20 template as an example.

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Creating an internal link in an article

Joomla 1.7 Tutorial – In your Joomla Articles, you can also link to other articles in your Joomla website.  You can use the previous method of using the “Insert/Edit Links” icon but there is an easier way to create internal links to articles on your website.   The insert link to ‘Article’ icon is available below your Edit article text box. 

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How to change your default menu item

Joomla 1.7 Tutorials- This post is in response to a comment left on my site by Abhijit.  Your default main menu item is the ‘Home’ Menu item.  This menu item by default displays all featured articles on your website.  If you want to change your default main menu item, it is very simple.  This is managed in your Menu Manager.

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